That's Against The Law, Too.

Certification requires years of on-the-job training To become a journey level plumber in Washington, applicants must have four years of classroom and on-the-job training before they can even take the certification exam. Once certified, plumbers must have their L&I-issued, credit-card-sized certification card available for inspection when they're on the job. The plastic card includes their name, certification level and expiration date. Card examples are at the "plumbing" link at . Trainees need supervision to work on your plumbing As construction booms around the state, L&I inspectors are finding that some plumbing companies are properly registered as contractors, but are sending uncertified plumbers or trainees without proper supervision to jobs. That's against the law, too. Plumbing trainees and apprentices, who also must have L&I-issued cards, may work on jobs only if they are supervised by a journey level or specialty plumber. "Companies typically charge consumers the rate for certified plumbers even if the plumber who shows up at the door is uncertified," Simpson said. "Get your money's worth and protect your investment: Hire a state-certified plumber." Only hire Washington state-certified plumbers.

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